Get stuff done.

The App That Makes Your Phone, Well, Smarter

Get everything done using a beautiful interface. 

Send it to your best friends and your grandma. It’ll work on their computers and phones.

All up in a cloud

Your entire experience with Smart Task takes place in the cloud. Your data available anywhere!

Share with others

When your friends and family install Smart Task you'll all be amazed at how much more powerful idea exchange is.

Create new tasks

One press of your finger and you can create a new task in a jiffy! Use the keyboard or your voice!

Organize it all

Through a simple yet powerful interface you will find organizing your stuff becomes a cinch!

Filter your tasks

You can sort and list all of your information in any format you want.Both predefined and user created filters.

Trash it if hate it

Sometimes we decide something needs to go! Throw it in the trash! But Smart Task always remembers where you put it.

Organize the beautiful way

Our elegant and streamlined interface will be a joy to use everyday. Never intrusive but always functional.

Folders are pretty sweet

Organize your data inside folders that you create. Share them with others using Smart Task with a simple swipe of your finger.

Trash it if hate it

Garbage in, Garbage out. Toss it, archive it or just mark it inactive. It's up to you!

Track your progress

Once you set up your tasks, Smart Task takes over and keeps an eye on it for you. It ensures your tasks and ideas are always available.

See all your completed task stats

Dozens of various views allow you to look at your information any way you want to. Or if you prefer, create your own views.

Turn it into a motivating game

Smart Task is your smart phone's personal assistant. It makes sure your phone is telling you when things are due, or behind schedule. And it is full of motivational tags.

Get Smart Task now for only $1.99!

Built in California

That means it’s awesome. You can say what you want, but San Diego is the beezneez.